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The Birth Collective Doulas

Together, we have extensive knowledge, experience and skills in all things pregnancy, birth & postpartum. Having collectively attended over 1,000 births and decades of birth experiences, we are a perfect addition to your birth team. In hiring us, you gain access to three (3!) doula brains, being able to pull from each of our own areas of expertise. You will meet with each of us at least once during your pregnancy to establish a relationship

with & build trust with each doula.

We rotate through being on call & attending births which assures you will always have a fresh and well rested doula when it’s time for your labor and you have built in backup doula support, no need to worry about unfamiliar faces showing up to your birth. We strive to provide exceptional, compassionate doula care to each client & can’t wait to support you as you welcome your little one into the world. 

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"Through the ups and downs, many hours and multiple trips to the hospital, Sarah listened, advocated, comforted and celebrated with us. I will say this 1,000 times, I could not have gone through labor and childbirth without her!"

What is a birth doula?

A doula is an educated birth professional that obtains skills & training in physical,

mental & emotional support. We are knowledgeable in comfort techniques

and help with advocacy during your pregnancy & birth process.

As your doula we are passionate about listening to your needs and helping

you achieve those. We're here to offer support when needed while also nourishing your intuition to trust your body and baby to know the way. We're passionate

about how you and your partner feel, are made to feel and protecting your birth preferences and space. 

Doulas have unique experience in the process of pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum as well as experience in supporting families going through the process.  

"I'm a midwife who works with doulas on a regular basis- If I was having any more babies myself, I would hire Austin for my own birth"

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Where does my Partner fit in?

There's one thing that we, as your doula, can not offer you that your partner has. And it's one of the most important things! What is that.... LOVE! Partners have a deep love for the birthing mom and baby. This love is felt by the birthing mother and

cannot be provided by anyone else! Partners have a history with the birthing mom

and this history creates a deep connection and bond between them. Partners have knowledge regarding how the birthing mom deals with stress & copes with pain. They are aware of areas where she might be challenged & know ways to support her.

By having a doula and partner combination your partner is empowered and supported in ways to help and be involved in the birth experience. Instead of feeling helpless and powerless we help you and your partner bond throughout your experience. Having a doula also allows for time and space for your husband to eat, take a break, rest or nap if needed without leaving you birth alone.


"Bree there to tell us what’s going to happen next, what different types of birthing positions to try, and the pros and cons of what options we had. All this and more eased my anxiety around birth. I cannot imagine our birth story without Bree and TBC!"

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