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Sarah Osborne

Certified Birth Doula




Newborn Photographer

Bree Minter

Professional Doula

Child Birth Educator



Placenta Encapsulation

Austin Huston

Professional Doula

Certified VBAC Doula

Childbirth Educator




Collective Accomplishments


Certified/Professional Doula Training

Professional Childbirth Educator Training

Spinning Babies

CPR/Basic Life Saving Training

NRP Certified/Training

VBAC Link Certified

Professional Breastfeeding Training

Lip/Tongue Tie Educated

Rebozo Training

Tens Unit Qualified

Placenta Encapsulation

Grief/Loss Birth Doula & Photography 

And More!



Sarah Osborne is a Mom to 3 kids, wife to Ken, and cat mom to her 3 fur babies. Sarah has a Starbucks obsession and she will be the first to admit that she is not ashamed of it! She is passionate about helping you achieve your dreams of a peaceful, relaxed, informed, and empowered birth experience (whatever that means to YOU). She has been the primary doula at over 490 births and has assisted clients through just about every type of birth that you could imagine. Not only does she have the perfect calming voice during labor, but she is a vocalist and loves to sing at church, weddings, memorial services, and in the car on the way to your birth. Sarah is a medicated birth mom, an unmedicated birth mom, an induction mom, a cesarean mom, a preemie mom with a 6 week NICU stay, a manual version mom for a breech baby. So basically, she’s got you… and she will capture your story with beautiful photos and video for you along the way.




Bree Minter is a mom of 5 (almost 6) lovable, adorable, crazy-monster, fun loving children, and wife to Jason! They homeschool their kids. Their family raises chickens, and a dog, and cats… and if you search hard enough, you might find a Facebook page Bree created specifically to LIVE stream her cat giving birth. She did a cat maternity photoshoot for her too… Birth is her favorite "mom break” and she will be the first to tell you, she can’t go too long without attending a birth before she starts acting like an addict ;). 

Bree is a hospital birth mom, homebirth mom, medicated birth mom, unmedicated birth mom, land birth mom, and water birth mom. She is pro empowerment and loves knowledge and all things birth! Whether you are birthing in a hospital, pool, farm, operating room, she will be there for you without a bias. Support, empowerment, love, kindness and understanding are what she wants to hold for you and your family, and she will enthusiastically do that while recording your birth story with photography and film.



Austin Huston... Yes, she married a man whose last name is ALSO a popular city in Texas, that’s how you know it’s true love. LOL. She has 2 young boys (almost 3 and almost 1) and she claims that living in a house full of boys is just as wild, and messy, and fun as you could imagine. Austin is a Preemie mom, a C-Section mom, a VBAC mom, an unmedicated birth mom, and a mom who has experienced a miscarriage. She knew she wanted to be a birth worker even before she was pregnant with her first.  As an introvert and Enneagram 1, Austin thrives on intimacy, authenticity, and a depth of connection. Incorporating her love and fascination with the workings of the human body and her passion for supporting and empowering people, birth work is just the perfect fit. Austin loves and supports all things birth, but feels especially passionate about autonomy, informed consent, and VBAC support… and she will support you in your birth plans with a camera in hand!


Years Of Experience Providing:


Hospital Birth

Birth Center Birth

Home Birth

Birth Transfers

High Risk Pregnancy

Unmedicated Birth

Medicated Birth

Water Birth

VBAC Birth

Cesarean Birth



Birth Moms Over 40


Military/Deployed Partners


High Anxiety/Depression

Complex Birth

Teen Moms

Pro Bono Births

And more!

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Sarah Osborne - CD (DONA) | Bree Minter - Birth Doula | Austin Huston - Birth Doula

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