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Immersive Childbirth Class

The Birth Collective

This one day in person childbirth prep class incorporates all you need to know and more!

From evidence based information, what to expect and how to cope with labor, baby positioning, how to create a birth plan, pain coping techniques, medication options, relationship building, hands-on coping skills, as well as a brief overview of breastfeeding, general newborn & postpartum care!

Doula Sarah's class uniquely utilizes her years & years of experience to effectively set you up for a positive & empowered birth where you are able to communicate & bond with your partner through the birth of your baby.

You'll finish this class feeling educated, skilled, empowered and

prepared for labor as well as feeling more connected to your partner!

Class Located in Tacoma, Wa.

What makes this class different?

All In Person

The birth of your baby is a transformational event... truly a once in a life time occurrence.


Sarah's in person class is going to set you up for the greatest success possible. 

Virtual classes just aren't the same.

Labor Training

Being in person allows you to practice and hone in on how and when to utilize different hands on techniques and skills.


This hands-on class shows your partner how to properly offer comfort measures, teaches laboring positions, relaxation techniques and more!

Individualized Class

Classes are small, limited to just 3 couples, so you'll have a greater opportunity for individualized care and more time for your questions.

Class still focuses on late pregnancy, the stages of labor, evidence based education, common interventions & more!


With over 15 years of experience and over 700 births attended! Sarah

also has 3 children of her own, each

with uniques pregnancies and birth experiences... resulting

in a wealth of personal and

professional knowledge for you to tap into.

Partner Connection

Unique focus on how your partner and you can work together to collectively have a positive experience.


You'll practice what hands on support looks like so your partner feels supported, encouraged and knowledable in ways to support you.

Tool Kit

Everyone loves a goodie bag!

Not only will you leave your in person class feeling confident using the hands on skills and tools learned that day but you will also leave with a goodie bag of resources, tools, and items to help in late pregnancy, with labor and more!

Your Childbirth Educator


Certification, Training and Continuing Education

Doula Sarah has taught childbirth classes in group and private settings over the years, has 15 years of doula experience and is always continuing her education in the birth and baby field.

She's super friendly, entertaining, hands on, comfortable to be around, evidence based and passionate about empowering you! You will 100% have fun and learn a TON in this workshop!

DONA Professional Doula Training

ICAN Chapter Leader

Placenta Encapsulator with IPPA

Bereavement Doula

Spinning Babies Trained

Advanced VBAC training

Advanced Home Birth Training

Childbirth Educator

Multiple Breastfeeding Courses

Rebozo & TENS unit trained

Assisted Penny Simkin's Classes

Lead MBC Doula at St Joseph Hosptial

Childbirth Classes | Tacoma

The best time to take your childbirth class is between 28-34 weeks!

In Person Childbirth Class $275/Couple


Full Day In Person Class Labor Training

Create a customized birth plan

Email/Text/Marco Polo Access to Sarah

Birth resources and tool kit

Individualized Classes

Practical Coping & Labor Tools

Confidence and Evidence Based Information

Goodie Bag

HSA & FSA payment options

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Are you planning an
Are you planning a

I look forward to chatting with you more!

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